1. die die die die die die die I HATE FACEBOOK SO FUCKING MUCH. AND IT'S REQUIRED. do i want to know updates for my university? I NEED A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. do I want to try and find a share apartment to rent? FACEBOOK FACEBOOK FACEBOOK!!!!!!!! I. AM. NOT. GETTING A FUCKING FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! please, fuck off and DIE. die die dieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACEBOOK WANTS MY FULL NAME, NUMBER, ID, PICS OF ME... WHATEVER! THEY WANT EVERYTHING! i'm not giving it upppppp. please, stop. businesses, institutions, CLASSES I'M IN.... STOP using FACEBOOK as ur only way to spread infomration. i'm so so SICK OF IT. you can't even view a page on facebook without an account. and they flag any account i make as fake and they block it. die

2. Excel. I know you're useful. But, FUCK! I HATE YOU! Most frustrating thing to fucking exist..... fuck off "your data is too complicated" Just let me put that shit as the fucking x axis label fuck! This is taking longer than the actual assingment, copying the data from A FUCKING DUMB ASS SHIT PDF WHICH MY TEACHER DIDN'T EVEN MENTION IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE, HE GAVE ME PAPER TABLES!!! PAPER TABLES!!!! HE WANTS ME TO MAKE ELECTRONIC GRAPHS IN EXCEL FROM PAGES AND PAGES AND PAGES AND PAGES OF POORLY PHOTCOPIOED, PRINTED PAPER GRAPHS!!!!!! I TRIED TO USE THE PHOTO TO GRAPH FUNCTION, DIDN'T FUCKING WORK. IT ENDED UP TAKING EVEN LONGER. AND THE PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT CAKE ON TOP, THE GRAPHS HE GAVE ME DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ALL THE DATA I NEEDED ON IT???? WHAT. THE. FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS DUMB ASS FUKING TEACHER FUCK HIM I NEVER WANT TO SEE HIS FAT ASS FACE WITH HIS DUMB ASS LITTLE BASKETBALL TEAM AGAIN. FUCK OFF. Then I have to put the data into excel & make stupid fucking grpaphs about dumb ass excercise shit about PEOPLE I FUCKING HATE! Fuck offffff!!!!

3. PEOPLE WHO DON'T. PUT. FLASH. WARNINGS. How fucking hard is it to put a 5 sec message saying, "contains flashing lights"?

4. THIS FUCKING SHOW! It was just there on a recently added section of a website I like, so I clicked on it... watched the first episode and fuckkkkkkkk. It's not bad - as in,: the writing isn't bad. The camerawork isn't bad. The acting isn't bad. But, the main characters are just so. fucking. ANNOYING! I know their exact type of person. I've had the fucking horrible experience of talking to people like them. They are soooooo SO fucking annoying. They NEEDDDDD to be punched in the face..... like, repeatably. Fuck. I HATE them. Everything about them is lame and whiney. Please, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

5. Adults who don't know basic life skills. You're 18 & you can't cook anything????? Don't know how to sweep???? What. The. Fuck!!!!!!

6. People chewing with their mouths open. You can SEE all the smashed up food and then if it dribbles out of their mouth THEN THEY PICK IT BACK UP AND PUT IN BACK IN THEIR MOUTH and then they start talking and a liiiittle bit of it, again, FLIES OUT OF THEIR MOUTH and then all i can see is how FUCKING DISTUSTING it all is. uughhhhh makes me wanna puke. Just close your mouth, it's not that hard!!!!! Or are you that much of a dumb fuck? And another one -- people walking around with their mouths open. Please, I hope something falls into it

7. Reading or just looking back at old things i've made. i can't do it it makes me wanna kms soooooo so badly. i physically cover my profile on neocities so I can't see my own updates. Or like this dumb shit!!!!! I wanted to DIE looking at it.

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