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Scarling -
Last Day I was Happy

I'm in a perfume heaven
With a cement sky
I want to rip her head off
And I don't know why
I want to think of nothing
Think I'll drink the sea
I want to feel him crawl all over me

Deftones - Hexagram

And the crowd goes wild
And the camera makes you seasick
God, it's so sweet of you and I know you're proud
And the car bomb hits quick click, faint smile
It's the same sound
It's the same, same sound

Hole - Babydoll

Drill it in my good hole so that I can see
You are so much bigger than me
You are so much bigger than me

My raw hand, my fever blister, watch me
Watch me, watch me disappear
Here she comes, her pants undone
All waste and void, all waste and void

Skinny Puppy - Glass Houses

Solemn ponder wander shake shaded with a doubt nightmare full of fear
Solvent raining from the sky backlog danger hypnotize glass blown eyes

NIN - I Do Not Want This

I stay inside my bed
I have lived so many lives all in my head
don't tell me that you
there really isn't anything, is there?
you would know, wouldn't you?
you extend your hand to those who suffer
to those who know what it really feels like
to those who've had a taste
like that means something
and oh so sick I am
and maybe I don't have a choice
and maybe that is all I have
and maybe this is a cry for help

Jack Off Jill - Poor Impulse Control

I envy your demise
750 degrees
When it burned it smelled like you
But it scorched and looked a lot like me

Dystopia - Self Defeating Prophecy

No esteem from proding eyes
My confidence mistakes
Scarred to sleep or stay awake
Lifetimes pass in a blink of an eye
I am dumbfucked
All my pride sucked