Things to do when ur bored at school:

1. Wind the clock forward so the time goes faster
2. Throw paper balls at someone
3. Just leave class, what's the worst the teacher can do? Yell? Lmafo
4. Get drunk, or whatever u feel like
5. Poke someone and pretend it wasn't u
6. Play paper games w/ person next to u
8. Start an impromptu band in class w/ ur friends
9. Ask to do ur work outside/in the library & then just leave
10. Play one of the google games, or turn off the wifi & play the 'no internet' games (the only things not blocked at my school)

Things I hate:

1. Taste of vanilla essence
2. Emma Roberts (your face makes me pissed off)
3. People who are so clearly knockoffs & u can tell exactly who they're... oh.... wait
4. Anyone who has Taylor Swift as their top artist lame ass bitch
5. Trying to dry ur hand w/ a towel, but the towels already wet
6. Harry Styles
7. Ppl who chew w/ their mouth open
8. Warrior cats
9. Cats
10. Any short form video platform... like tiktok, youtube shorts, instagram reels, snapchat's explore page - fuck that shit!!!!!

Top 10 alcohol in order (because I like the taste of alcohol, dammit!!!!!!!)

1. Vodka (tastes like sweet burning-y)
2. Rum (slightly woody, sweet)
3. Hard apple cider (like apple cider, but slightly more yeasty)
4. Gin (a less sweet, more floral-ly, herb-y, vodka)
5. Champagne (sweeter white wine)
6. White wine (grape-y, sweet, refreshing)
7. Flavoured vodka (can this be it's own category? Everything I've tasted has been good)
8. Note: change it to top 7.....

My school tips:

1. Press 'Ctrl + Windows key + D' and it creates a new desktop. Press 'Ctrl + Windows key + Left/right arrow key' to switch desktops. No need to thank me
2. Always have an excuse at the ready, so whatever u say looks natural
3. Always make sure ur friends r on the same page as u, so if ur caught u don't all say DIFFERENT FUCKING THINGS THAT FUCKS YOU OVER
4. The less ppl u tell, the less likely you'll tell a snitch
5. Have fun, no-one will remmeber it.... probably
6. Your reputation basically determines what u can get away w/, & how much trouble you'll be in if ur caught. I've had teachers/head of year let things slip that would've otherwise gotten me suspended cuz teachers liked me/I had a good rep. AKA the Lisa Simpson effect. Since you're smart, and teachers like you, they'll let u get away w/ anything
7. Continued from the last point: everythings easier if u get good grades
8. Know when teachers are starting to get too pissed, e.g. if you always come late and you can see that ur teachers don't want to take ur shit anymore, show up for a wekk's worth of lessons in a row ontime, then slowly slip back into ur normal habits
9. Deny everything. Teachers, principals, whoever, can say WHATEVER THEY WANT (no matter if it's true or not) to get a confession out of u. As soon as u confess ur fucked - no matter what they may have promised ("Ohhh if u tell us the truth now you wont get in trouble" -----> Big ass lie)
10. Don't buy/eat the school food